Jewelry Care

Please treat your jewelry with care and be mindful when you remove them. Our pieces are all handmade with love from Brazil, please be delicate when handling your jewelry. Give extra love to pieces with cubic zirconia, stones, delicate chains and pendants as they can tarnish, tangle or break if mistreated.


Please note that since our jewelry is handmade and not mass produced that variations in tones and textures are normal. They will all feel and look unique in their own way, so expect small beauty imperfections. That's what makes our product so unique and special since they all carry a story, time and dedication behind them. All our pieces comes in limited quantities so please care for your unique jewelry. 


We carry lots of different materials in our collection such as gold plated over 950 sterling silver, gold vermeil, sterling silver, cubic zirconia and semi-precious stones. We also use hand painting as a finish for our pieces. 


Here are some useful tips to keep your pieces looking its best through time:
  1. Remove your jewelry when applying sprays, perfumes and lotions. Jewelry should also be removed when showering, exercising and swimming. All of these can be hard on plated jewelry and will speed up the aging process.
  2. We recommend to gently swipe your jewelry with a polishing cloth after every use.
  3. Whenever you are not using your jewelry please keep it in a velvet pouch, jewelry box or a ziplock bag. Keeping it away from light and oxygen helps prevent tarnishing and oxidization. Another tip never keep your jewelry stored in the bathroom. 
  4. Everyone skin oils can build up in a different way so they will also react to metals differently. If discolouration occurs we won't be responsible for an exchange or refund of the item. 


If your questions were not answered or you would like some additional tips please feel free to contact us at: