Patricia Cortes Profile Photo 

Patchi Collective was born with a vision to bring beauty, emotions and colour into everyones lives.


Born and raised in Brazil, Patricia was always drawn into fashion and beauty. Graduated as a Fashion Designer and with many years of experience in the Retail Management industry, Patricia decided to take her passion one step further and start her own jewelry line. Living in Canada for over 15 years and having all the cultural and fashion background from Brazil turned out to be the perfect combination to start a jewelry business full of soul and colour. 


 Patricia wanted to integrate her passion for fashion, interior design and travel by mixing stories, memories and beauty within jewelry. Special jewelry pieces bring meaningful connections, they share stories with your loved ones and they bring colour and soul into your every day life. 


 Patricia wanted to bring something unique and different with a meaning behind it. Something that was not mass produced, that had a story, that was made with love, skills, time and passion behind it. Pieces that will be cherished forever. 

 Patchi Collective will always pride itself for being a company that has limited quantities for each piece. We will always bring newness and exciting jewelry but they will be released in limited edition drops and with very small quantities. This way we ensure that each piece is unique to you and your loved ones bringing even more meaning into your collection.


 Born from a passion to be unique, to make a difference, to be a statement, to be bold, to be feminine, to pursue your dreams and to always believe that the impossible is possible. Patricia hopes to share more than jewelry but also a true lifestyle.